I admit it.

I’ve been cheating.

My loyalties are split.

I have neglected the old one to pay attention to a newer, more attractive one.

It was bound to happen after so many years.

Yes, after years of being loyal to this blog, I have strayed. I have started another blog. Shocking…yes, I know! But those of you who are still here enjoying my infrequent updates shouldn’t worry. I’m not leaving you. I still plan to update this blog regularly with my personal updates, stories, and thoughts. I can’t guarantee that I’ll ever go back to daily updates. Once the spell was broken, it was difficult to regain the zest for updating it daily. However, I hope to post updates weekly — at a minimum — and possibly more if it’s a good week.

Now for the brand new shiny object, my new blog is focused on journaling my cycling adventures. I’ll chronicle my participation in charity rides, group bike tours, and training rides.

I’ll also share tips that I learn along the way, and point out things from a unique perspective, that of a female rider struggling to keep up with the guys. Stay tuned for product reviews, helpful tools, and insights on where to find the best cycling gear and jerseys.

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